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How NOT to be Broke

Welcome to "How Not to be Broke" with Julie Creffield, the podcast dedicated to challenging perceptions of wealth and worthiness, without the we should all be millionaires bullshit.
As a seasoned business growth strategist, Julie has a track record of transforming the lives and businesses of over 3000 solopreneurs, helping them shape their legacy and work towards financial freedom.

But beyond that her work as a consultant, and change-maker over the past 25 years has seen her impact on the lives of millions of ordinary people.

From her humble beginnings to her success as an international keynote speaker and author, Julie has a story way beyond the traditional "Rags to Riches" one

Each episode is packed with wisdom drawn from her experience, showcasing how to take immediate, fearless action on your vision, make smart tactical decisions, and create a thriving, sustainable business.

The show features in-depth conversations with other successful entrepreneurs and change makers, with practical strategies for leveraging the online world, and inspiring stories from those who've triumphed over adversity. 

All this, coupled with Julie's unique strengths in ideation, activation, and influence, will provide you with the tools you need to avoid being broke and build a lasting legacy.

Tune in to "How Not to be Broke" to kickstart your journey towards financial safety and security. 

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Jul 19, 2023

In this episode, Julie gives an enthusiastic review of the book by Selina Todd, Snakes and Ladders, the Great British Social Mobility Myth. Order your copy here 

She shares the realisation she has had recently around hard work not being enough, and the external structures that are at play that nobody seems to be talking about in the context of entrepreneurship.

She asks the listener to reflect on their own family stories, and their socio-economic situations to properly assess some of the barriers or maybe even privileges they have had, and how this changes things for them moving forward.

About Julie:

Julie Creffield is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, business, and life legacy strategist. She is the founder of The Year to Change training and education company and is currently working on her 14th book...

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