Niche Pursuits Podcast: Find Your Next "Niche" Business Idea!

Want a masterclass in both online marketing and business?

Mar Pages is a former Google employee and founder of Solo Female Travelers who has built a thriving brand in the travel space.

And she joins the Niche Pursuits podcast today to share with host Jared Bauman all about it!

It all started when Mar and her business partner Meg decided to take over a Facebook group as a passion project for fellow female travelers.

When Covid struck, and their own travel blogs took a hit, they were pleasantly surprised to find that engagement in the group went up!

Recognizing the potential, they launched a website and an Instagram account to complement the group.

They also received funding from the Facebook Community Accelerator program which they used to turn their passion project into a full-time business.

They built a team and as Covid restrictions started to lift, they soon began to offer tours.

They're now up to 12 destinations and host 25-30 tours per year. And in her discussion, Mar shares lots of great insights into what she thinks has helped fuel the success of Solo Female Travelers:

For starters, they place a strong emphasis on community moderation, ensuring a safe and high-quality experience for its members.

They take a long-term approach to building a community, understanding it takes time and effort to build trust and grow a loyal following.

They do this via various strategies to attract and engage with their target audience.

  • They employ SEO efforts, maintain a weekly newsletter, and actively seek press coverage.
  • The Facebook group serves as the top of the funnel, driving newsletter sign-ups and building trust with potential customers.
  • The newsletter, in turn, serves as the middle of the funnel, providing valuable content and promoting the brand's tours.
  • And finally, the tours themselves represent the bottom of the funnel, where customers make bookings and experience the brand's offerings.

Another great takeaway is Mar's emphasis on data.

With her business background, she prioritizes data from surveys to best understand and serve their audience. This not only helps with content and even creating the tour offerings but also some great SEO benefits she gets into.

In short, Solo Female Travelers has grown into a thriving brand by focusing on safety, quality, and community-building. Their tours are designed to empower women and support female-owned businesses, and along with this, has become a significant source of revenue.

Don't miss the full interview for some great insights from an undeniably smart entrepreneur!

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