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"I don't work for anybody. I'm just having fun."

Not so much fun for the cold turkeys, the cattle-prodded Mandrels and the eviscerated punters on the good ship Empress though.

Yes, this is Nightmare of Eden and 'nightmare' could be seen as an apposite epithet by the crew and viewer alike. It's a heady cocktail of spiked drinks, unfortunate zips and insurance policy wordings.

K9 needs some obedience classes, the Doctor shrieks about his extremities and Romana gets a nasty love bite (but not as nasty as her dress), while Tryst accentuates the silliness, Fisk makes it uniformly worse and Rigg turns on, tunes in and drops out.

So did Jim and Martin find the story as first class as the toilet facilities or were they glad when the nightmare was over?

Find out here.

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  • thank you, Jim & Martin. Look forward to your reviews every month. My recollection was this one was quite good until the Mandrels are given too much on camera time. The sequence near the end where they are chasing the Doc and Romana is truly cringe worthy. I'd give it 6/10 which means reasonably enjoyable on my scale.

    posted by: Freddie B on 2017-10-16 09:57:24

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