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"If the rest of his presentation is as riveting as the first little epic, wake me when it’s finished."

The Trial of a Time Lord goes all meta with one of the riskiest lines in Doctor Who history.

The "first little epic" is The Mysterious Planet, in which the Doctor is on remand, Peri (from Marble Arch, USA) is in demand and Joan Sims commands her ragged warriors to carry on dying.

Two cockernee New Romantics go on the rob, two Adric-a-likes get on your nerves and the verbose Valyard swallows a Thesaurus. Meanwhile, the jury’s out (of Voltarol) and the Inquisitor looks like she’d rather be at home making a casserole.

Who on Ravalox is the Doctor impersonating?

How smug can a dead face be?

Where can you get some saucy but artistic robot photos?

And did Jim and Martin give The Mysterious Planet a pardon or did they throw the Three Books of Knowledge at it?

Listen to find out.

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