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The Craft Podcast

You are about to experience The Real Craft Podcast, Hosted by Robert Van Arlen. The Real Craft Podcast explores and educates listeners on The Art of Business, Relationships and Cocktails.  Shot live every Wednesday at Scottsdale's iconic Hotel Valley Ho. Each week we sip on craft cocktails while talking about business and relationships. 

May 8, 2023

Meet "Mr. Scottsdale!" A former professional football player who has been recognized as the
Homesnap Fastest Growing Realtor of the Year award winner. Evan is now the newest Host of
an EMMY-nominated television show, The American Dream, where he showcases Greater
Phoenix's Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Culture. He made a...

May 5, 2023

Jerry Linebaugh & Matt Hollander join Robert Van Arlen as guests on The Craft Podcast. Jerry, founder of Game Changer Wealth, has built a practice that breathes authenticity combined with execution. Robert, Jerry, and Matt unleash practical financial planning combined with the reality of life. Humor and...

May 4, 2023

From Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, LA, & Scottsdale, our guest, Sandrena Sorensen Schumacher, personal chef extraordinaire, brings an experience for two too many.  Sadrena will cook for anyone looking for a private, exquisite experience. During this segment, The Craft Podcast provides her with Chef Russell's, ZuZu delights from...