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The Craft Podcast

You are about to experience The Real Craft Podcast, Hosted by Robert Van Arlen. The Real Craft Podcast explores and educates listeners on The Art of Business, Relationships and Cocktails.  Shot live every Wednesday at Scottsdale's iconic Hotel Valley Ho. Each week we sip on craft cocktails while talking about business and relationships. 

Apr 29, 2022

Chris Smith, the producer of the Craft Podcast, pushes the limits on this show. His imagination has created an event powerhouse.  Chris has been redefining experiential theme events for years. From Lilly's Wedding to Cinco De Mayo2, guests participate in the experience. 

Ronen Aviram, GM of Hotel Valley Ho, drops in during the podcast and showcases his Tiki Ho t-shirt. A Hawaiian oasis is created as the backdrop for this annual event. Ronen's energy is contagious as the Hotel Valley Ho team gears up for an incredible performance.

This Craft Podcast will make you laugh out loud!

Enjoy the show!