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Dec 31, 2021


Welcome to Hear Us Now: Our truth, Our stories.

Hear Us Now is a podcast about family violence survivors. While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to kill one through neglect. The time is over for hiding our pain. Instead, it's time to share our stories, to speak up to seek help. It's time to turn bystanders into heroes and equip them to bring healing and change for the next generation.

Our special guest today is Lima Hansen. Lima Hansen was born in Samoa, raised in South Auckland, and returned from living in Indonesia after seven and a half years. She's married with three beautiful children. Lima is a published author, international speaker and also works as a public servant. Since publishing her book Grace Brought Me Here, Lima has found herself speaking to a variety of different audiences across the globe on different platforms addressing domestic violence, mental health, and sexual abuse. Lima's journey has brought her full circle with her culture, something she once turned her back on now has become part of her identity that she embraces boldly. Lima's key message is, learn to value the power of your story.

Find out more about Lima at


For anyone experiencing family violence, worried about their own abusive behaviour, or supporting someone else in these situations:

  • If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 111
  • Shine Helpline – now 24/7: 0508 744 633 OR chat online with Helpline staff at
  • Are You OK - 9am to 11pm, every day: 0800 456 450
  • Women's Refuge – 24/7: 0800 733 843, 24/7 (for women only) For anyone worried about their own abusive behaviour: 
  • 0800 Hey Bro: 0800 439 276 - 24/7 (for men who feel they're going to harm a loved one or whanau member) For anyone who experiences sexual harm:
  • Safe to Talk – 24/7 (sexual harm helpline): 0800-044-334 OR text 4334 – 24/7. Chat online at