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Wholistic Podcasting- Equipping Entrepreneurs Launch and Grow Their Podcast

Apr 8, 2022

Welcome to Wholistic Podcasting Episode 14:  “Your Podcasting Questions Answered”

I have had many conversations over the last few weeks with many coaches and entrepreneurs about starting podcasts and with current clients.  And with those conversations, it brought a lot of great questions! 

Listen in today to hear my thoughts on your podcasting questions like:

-When is the best time to launch a podcast?

-What are download numbers? Why should I care about download numbers? 

-What if I don’t feel confident in front of the mic? 

-How much money should I spend on Podcasting Equipment?

Equipment links:

Mic Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with 25' XLR Cable

Headphones: Audiotechnica 


Hosting Platform: Libsyn Pro

For more on equipment, listen to Episode 5 on Wholistic Podcasting! 

Join me inside FB in my group Wholistic Podcasting to be with a community of future and current podcasters!