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Wholistic Podcasting- Equipping Entrepreneurs Launch and Grow Their Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

Today’s show is for the podcaster and entrepreneur who has trouble with time management or feels overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. 


If you want to increase your productivity- especially if you are a working mom or mom who has a side business- you want to be focused when it’s time to focus! Time is precious when you are sans kids 


Finding a tool to help you to stay organized is always a little trial and error.  For me, I am a wanna be planner and organizer. I get motivated then I lose umph. I sit down to do one thing and then I have 20 tabs open with 20 different tasks suddenly on my desktop. I can easily get sidetracked or even go blank! 


This tool will help you:

- get rid of procrastination

- stay on task

- stay focused

- commit

- and it’s free.  


What is this tool? Tune in to find out! 

Join me in our Wholistic Podcasting Facebook group and share how you have implented this simple tool to help you stay on task as a podcaster.

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