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Wholistic Podcasting- Equipping Entrepreneurs Launch and Grow Their Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Why does created a personal brand as a podcast matter? 

If you are feeling frazzled and recording content just for the sake of getting an episode out into the world, you will want to check out today's episode.  Go from a lack of clarity to purposeful content through these branding techniques from our guest.  

Christopher Hines, Host of The Business of Podcasting and Coach, shares incredibly valuable tools to help you as a podcaster develop your personal brand and why it is helpful for your clients. 

We don't focus on colors or font schemes but more on the actual experience of your client or listener. 

If you want to know the most helpful tool to build your personal brand as a podcaster, listen in to Chris and I's conversation. 


Find out more about Chris:

Chris helps podcasters become profitable even if they don't have an audience or experience. He is the podcast host of The Business of Podcasting and has been in the industry for seven years creating a wealth of knowledge for you to learn and grow and most importantly monetize your podcast!  


He has a passion for helping you- whether you have a large following or a smaller audience earn and monetize your podcast.  Go check out his podcast- I’ve been blown away by the value he brings.

Pick up your free downloadable copy of how to monetize your podcast on IG: