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Welcome to Pub Songs & Stories, the virtual Public House for Celtic culture and change through music.

I am Marc Gunn. I play Sci F'Irish music. I want to take you on an adventure. I'll share the stories behind my songs as we explore pop culture media through the lens of Irish & Celtic music. You will have fun and sing along, and maybe get a far too real glimpse of yourself.




Dec 6, 2018

Enjoy Famous Scottish songs for St. Andrew's Day or Burns Day, or any day of the week. You'll hear my entire album Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, plus a BONUS song that was just released.

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Today, we're playing my CD Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion from start to finish.

0:54 Come Ye By Atholl

3:18 MacPherson's Farewell

6:44 Mingulay Boat Song

11:21 I'm a Rover, Seldom Sober

13:39 Ye Jacobites By Name

16:19 Scots Wha Hae

19:20 Loch Tay Boat Song

23:38 Barnyards of Delgaty

25:51 Jock Stuart

28:43 Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny

30:29 A Man's A Man For A' That

33:17 Green Grow the Rashes

37:34 Mari Mac

39:37 There Are No Pubs in Kirkintilloch

41:46 Skye Boat Song

44:36 Mairi's Wedding

46:39 Flower of Scotland

52:37 Loch Lomond

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Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast. My name is Marc Gunn. I'm a Celtic Geek musician and podcaster. Once again, I'm sharing one of my albums from start to finish.

St Andrew's is on November 30th this year. In addition to celebrating the feast of St. Andrew, it is also Scotland's official national holiday. So I'm gonna share my album Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, from start to finish in this show.

This album was released on November 30, 2013, five years ago. It was fully produced, mixed and mastered by me.

Nathan Deese is a Celtic musician from North Carolina. He sang background vocals on the album. He also played bass, guitar, mandolin, whistle and flute on "Come Ye By Athrol", Green Grow the Rashes", "Ye Jacobites By Name", and "Flower of Scotland".

Daniel I Briggs sang background vocals as well and played bass, guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin and all other songs.

Jody Richardson added violin on "Loch Tay Boat Song"

Jon Richardson played concertina on "MacPherson's Farewell".

Most of the tracks were recorded in January 2011. I took my family on a trip up to middle-of-no-where Kentucky to record, while Gwen and baby Kenzie visited a friend in Lexington. I recorded this album, Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits, and St Patrick's Day all at the same time.

However, there were two tracks I re-recorded parts later. One was "Mingulay Boat Song". The other was "Flower of Scotland". And when you listen to those, notice the background vocals because I used the wrong settings on my USB preamp. So they came off more compressed sounding. And I LOVED the sound. They kinda make the songs.

I found it humorous that in "Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny" that I repeated a verse accidentally. And I didn't notice it while I was editing.

The front Photo on the album was taken by Jan Czenkusch on our Celtic Invasion of Scotland in 2013. She also took the pictures inside the CD. I took the ones on the back. And graphic design was by James McDaniel II.

Now most of these songs are traditional except for "Flower of Scotland" which is by Roy Williamson. "Mingulay Boat Song" which is by Sir Hugh S. Roberton. "Mari's Wedding" is by John Roderick Bannerman. And "Skye Boat Song" is by Sir Harold Boulton.' And of course Robert Burns wrote "MacPherson's", "Jacobites", "Scots Wha Hae", "A Man's A Man" and "Green Grow the Rashes".

I love this album. These are my absolute favorite Scottish, all except I couldn't get a good recording of "Loch Lomond". And some of these recordings, thanks to Nathan and Daniel, made this a powerhouse album in my opinion.

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