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Happiness Solved

Mar 22, 2024

Happiness Solved with Sandee Sgarlata. In this episode, Sandee interviews Jessica Procini. Jessica Procini is a woman on a mission. As the founder and leader of Escape From Emotional Eating since 2011, she has been helping women who strive for excellence heal the roots of their emotional eating so they can embody their full potential. She created Escape From Emotional Eating®, a unique process grounded in a decade of research, a background in the Psychology of Eating, and Transformational Coaching methods. But it’s her own personal emotional eating journey and experience that makes her work stand out from the rest. Frustrated that 932 hours in therapy never helped her end her fight with food and Overeaters Anonymous never being a place she could call ‘home’, she never gave up and never lost hope. Determined to find a way to truly be free from emotional eating so she could have the peace, freedom, and joy in her body, mind, and soul she had always longed for, Jessica knew there needed to be a different kind of support... one that got to the roots of emotional eating. Finally free from her old self-destructive cycles with food, Jessica pairs her personal experience with her professional expertise to help other high-striving women get to the roots of their emotional eating through her year-long programs, retreats, keynotes, and workshops. As a sought-after thought leader, Jessica's work has received multiple awards year after year from the Institute of Psychology of Eating and has been featured in noteworthy media outlets such as ABC, CBS, and MindBodyGreen. Jessica lives in Philadelphia with her husband Zach and two rescue dogs Billie and CJ. She recharges her batteries by trying to grow flowers in her miniature urban garden and taking adult ballet classes.

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