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Happiness Solved

Apr 19, 2024

Happiness Solved with Sandee Sgarlata. In this episode, Sandee interviews Ethan Barak. Ethan Barak is a Florida-based entrepreneur and investor in several different product markets such as interior design, medical supplies, and real estate. He also just launched NUUD Pleasures, the first ever vapor aphrodisiac, which brings together hemp innovation and sexual wellness. The company's flagship product, VAPORDISIAC, is an all-natural hemp-infused vape containing a patent-pending botanical blend designed to elevate users' intimate experiences and help them reach their ultimate happiness. His company and products are all about helping people be happy and live life to the fullest and safest way. Ethan also has a family charitable fund dedicated to helping some of the different charities related to widows, orphans, animals, Israel, and human trafficking.


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