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Meet Jon Ostenson of Franbridge Consulting. Today, he and Jason talk about the world of NON-FOOD franchising and how more and more people are discovering how lucrative owning a franchise can be. 

Franchising is the better path for many would-be business owners, as well as for those looking to add additional revenue streams. While franchising does not entirely de-risk the opportunity, the proven model, marketing and operations systems, and franchisor support vastly increase the odds of success in not only producing revenue streams but in building an asset with valuable exit potential.

At FranBridge, they specialize in non-food/non-lodging categories and partner with over 300 brands that we have vetted thoroughly and believe have an innovative proposition within their respective markets. Opportunities include a wide range of businesses in areas such as health and wellness, B2B services, waste managements, senior care, fitness, and home and property services to name a few.

Franchising is an $800B industry and is growing quickly. Are you an entrepreneur at heart that is ready to evaluate opportunities? Visit FranBridgeConsulting.com today!

Key Takeaways:

1:28 Questioning the path you're on

2:39 Why the non-food category? 

4:48 SBA LOANS, home financing and C Corp

9:40 Terms of a typical SBA deal

11:49 Samples of a franchise and the level of difficulty involved

14:11 Some details of the deal

17:14 Highest ROI with fewest number of people

20:11 The need for manpower

21:52 It's not for everyone


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