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Today’s guest is Jane Sotkin of Property Place, who provides her wisdom and insight into the tricky topic of emotions. She brings up the interesting idea that emotions are habits formed in childhood, but which if not kept in check, can seriously affect the way your brain works as an adult. 


Key Takeaways

02.52 – Joan Sotkin describes how her background led her to her current field of work.

05.50 – Such fundamental things as birth-order and number of siblings can have a huge impact on your psychology as an adult.

10.30 – It doesn’t matter how you process these emotions, but it is vital that you find a way that works for you.

17.10 – We think our lives are set in stone but they’re not. They’re always flexible and changeable. 

22.30 – A big part of success is about sticking to what you believe and paying little attention to how others judge you.

27.26 – Find out more about Joan Sotkin and get access to some great resources at www.ProsperityPlace.com


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