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CEO and co-founder of Workboard Deidre Paknad joins Jason Hartman on Speaking of Wealth show. Today's episode has Deidre explains and talk about her Workboard app which automatically helps line managers managed their team priorities, goals, reports and the metrics of the company into a simple to-do list as well as how to be a more efficient and better  manager with their teams.


Key Takeaways: 

1:20 – The Workboard came to be when Deidre wondered why there wasn't an app to help managers be better at leadership and managing.

2:10 – What Workboard does is take a look at how to make managers better at leading their teams.

4:32 – Workboard automatically puts together a manager workload, so managers will have more time.

5:45 – Workboard helps make a very simple to-do list of defining what the goals and metrics are for the company.

8:19 – Deidre explains what she think are the most important stages of the work load setup. 

12:32 – Workboard is bit like a project management tool, but it can do more than that.

15:00 – Workboard can prompt the manager to acknowledge and celebrate a teams effect on work and teams can also acknowledging each other work.

16:45 –  Workboard is a free app that can help teams go faster and achieve great things with less effort.


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