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Jason Hartman is joined today by Chris Skinner, Chairman at the Financial Services Club and founder of Finanser. Chris has authored the books: Digital Bank: Strategies to Launch or Become a Digital Bank, Digital Human: The Fourth Revolution of Humanity Includes Everyone, and Doing Digital: Lessons from Leaders.

Jason and Chris talk about the future and the role that technology plays in it, or the lack of a role for humankind. This tech-talk touches on modern banking technology, how to start a bank with $50k. Lastly, robotics and philosophy. What is our purpose when work is in the hands of robots? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Banks have been challenged technologically because they have not updated their systems

[4:00] Antiquated banking systems are often referred to as spaghetti structures that need updates recently forced by COVID-19.

[5:30] Big banks are too big to fail.

[8:00] What makes Stripe such a standout business regarding FinTech Companies?

[12:30] Everyday living is in the new hip and cool bank. 

[13:45] Can anyone launch a digital bank?

[17:00] Switching gears to robotics and technology in the future.

[20:00] There have been two significant behavioral shifts immediately since this lockdown.

[23:00] On robotics and essential work, what happens when people no longer need to work?




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