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Michael Daugherty joins Jason Hartman to reveal the corruption behind the system. It's a cycle of corruption for keeping safe amid the storm known as D.C. Michael shares his experience beating extortion only to be left hanging for the government. As well, Daugherty shares what he means "the trap that congress laid." 

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] The government has unlimited resources, prosecutors, and budgets, and none of 'us' have that.

[3:00] The dangers of academics like Woodrow Wilson.

[5:00] Michael Daugherty's story, from extortion to government. 

[9:30] Your enemy today will be your friend tomorrow, the cycle of corruption in DC

[13:30] Section 5 of the FTC Act: The trap that congress laid.

[16:15] What's Twitter's rational from removing Trump's video tribute to George Floyd?

[18:00] You can burn a house down in 3 seconds, you can't build it back as fast. 


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