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Jason Hartman’s guest today is author of Was Jesus A Socialist?, Lawrence W. Reed. Jason and Lawrence clear up some confusion about socialism and communism. As well, Lawrence responds to the question, “Was Jesus A Socialist?” Lawrence goes on to share scripture interpretation and how we can learn about investing or magnifying wealth. Lastly, Hartman and Reed discuss The Great Depression and break down some myths about how it started. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Let’s clear up a bit of confusion on the term socialism.

[3:45] How does socialism and communism compare/contrast?

[8:30] Was Jesus a socialist?

[11:00] What can scripture teach us about investing or magnifying wealth?

[14:30] Breaking myths of The Great Depression.

[17:30] Explaining government programs, FDR to present.

[20:45] No society that has ever lost its character, has kept its liberty



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