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Jason Hartman answers a listener question about investing in real estate amid COVID-19. When is a good time to start, or to extend a portfolio? Also, a reminder about the greater fool theory related to WSJ’s mention of Apple’s latest valuation. Invest in something that makes sense the day you buy it. 

Phil Harvey is today’s guest, discussing his recent book and a few ways that tax dollars are distributed to some for questionable reasons. Phil shares everything from billionaires receiving million-dollar payouts for owning farmland to customers paying double the price of sugar in the local grocery store. 


Welfare for the Rich: How Your Tax Dollars End Up in Millionaires’ Pockets-And What You Can Do About It by Phil Harvey

LivestreamSunday Morning, Coffee Tok (Talk) 11 AM EDT

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] “Is now (COVID-19) a good time to start investing in real estate?” Listener, Scott

[8:45] Jason elaborates on pension plans versus real estate investing, a continuation of the question from a listener, Scott. 

[12:45] Apple just passed the 2 trillion dollar market cap: what did WSJ say about it?

[13:45] The greater fool theory

Phil Harvey

[19:40] How are taxpayers getting burned by welfare going to many of the wrong places?

[22:30] How are the well-to-do getting welfare? 

[24:30] Jason and Phil discuss the bonuses received by owners of farmland for no apparent reason. 

[29:30] Some coastal cities have zoned land in such a way that housing has become unaffordable. 

[34:30] Is the open spaces argument, “you’ve already got yours, so you’re not going to share?”

[36:15] Everyone pays twice as much as they should have to pay for sugar, to benefit which sugar baron?


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