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Jason interviews Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors LLC, R. Christopher Whalen. Whalen speaks on location changes of people and businesses due to Coronavirus. Not only are business locations changing, but companies have been forced to move away from the “old way” of doing business and finally adapting to innovations in technology and communication. Whalen also gives a glimpse into his recent book and discusses the fed’s strategy to steer clear of deflationary times. Will we see consequences from the creation of money and bailouts? 

Books: Inflated, How Money & Debt Built the American Dream  by R. Christopher Whalen

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Not only are people leaving big cities, like NYC, because of COVID-19, but large companies are also looking to move so that they can relocate their people. 

[4:30] Coronavirus has forced businesses to move out of “the old way.”

[8:50] A brief history of banking, from Abraham Lincoln to present.

[11:20] Before the creation of The Fed, J.P. Morgan was essentially the central bank. 

[13:00] Whalen breaks down how he differentiates between inflated as he puts it and inflation. 

[18:15] Will we see any consequences from the creation of money and bailouts?

[19:00] Quantitative Easing: central banks buy government bonds or other financial assets to inject money into the economy to expand its activity. 


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