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Jason Hartman talks with Julio Gonzalez, founder of Engineered Tax Services, a licensed engineering firm that focuses on tax benefits at federal, state, and local levels. Julio’s expertise on tax credits gives us a different perspective on where the economy is headed. Today, Jason and Julio discuss property reuse for affordable housing and redistribution centers. Julio shares knowledge about tax credits from selling air rights to 5G infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

Julio Gonzalez

[3:00] Is there a chance to see property reuse like hotels shifting to affordable housing?

[4:00] Many REITs are trying to redesign shopping centers into redistribution centers. 

[9:00] It’s hard to make predictions about where the economy will be without any history of vaccinating 7 billion people. 

[11:15] There are twenty tax credits associated with investing and real estate at the federal level. 

[13:00] The government is incentivizing 5G infrastructure as a tax credit.


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