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He is one of the most famous economic investigative journalists of all time, Jason Hartman interviews James B. Steel. Jason ask James about the decimated middle class, how did we get here, and how can we get out? As well, James touches on health care and the American dream, and how to make the middle class viable again.


The newest book, America What Went Wrong, the Crisis Deepens

Key Takeaways:

[0:45] The middle class has been decimated, without a real dollar raise in four decades. How can this be?

[5:00] Discussing how the median income is behind pace.

[9:30] The free market has been wonderful for this country but it cannot solve this problem we’re in.

[13:00] How could health care be solved?

[17:00] Who are the global money men?

[18:00] Is there hope for the American dream?

[21:15] The solution; what is the foundation that makes the middle class viable again?


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