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George Gammon joins Jason Hartman remotely from Saint Barthélemy. What's happening with Japan's debt to GDP ratio, and how can the US compare to this? George talks about the change in the savings rate due to Coronavirus and how it is manipulated. 

George and Jason discuss some ideas that the Fed may not want the common man to understand. As well, is deflation good or bad? Where are interest rates headed, and how can you come up with a prediction for that?

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Life in St. Barts, low crime rate, yachts, and more. 

[7:45] Jason opens the discussion on Japanonomics.

[8:55] The US deficit just this year will be the same as the total amount of debt accumulated from 1776 to 2000. 

[12:00] George talks on trades surplus.  

[17:00] How did Coronavirus change the US savings rate?

[20:00] How has the savings rate been manipulated based on IRS' estimates.'?

[21:15] What is it that the Fed, or the powers that be, don't want us to know?

[21:29] Is deflation good or bad?

[24:00] Who 'owns' the Fed?

[29:30] In a truly free market, one is always trying to create a product that has more value than the money in your pocket.

[30:30] Where do you think these interest rates are going?

[33:00] George discusses using the Fisher equation to determine interest rates in the future.

[38:00] Is inflation necessary? 

[44:30] Be prepared or you're going to be a victim

[48:55] What is Rebel Capitalist Pro?


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