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David Sussman, Founder and CEO of Valcor Worldwide joins Jason Hartman in discussing insights into what is going on with small-medium sized business, real estate, and the impact of COVID-19. David suggests that mainstream media has narrowed its focus on Coronavirus and the 2020 election; meanwhile, it hasn’t covered much to any of the potential economic tsunamis we face. Like lungs, our economy breathes in and out, and we are a few years late to our regularly scheduled recession. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The mainstream media can only focus on one or two top stories at a time, the pandemic, and the 2020 election. David predicts a possible economic tsunami headed our way, a story the media cannot currently focus on. 

[6:10] Warehouses and industrial real estate spaces are increasing. 

[8:45] 67% of employees in the country rely upon the 32 million small US businesses. 

[13:00] Small retail is dying, especially in bluer states. 

[16:45] What kind of financing is available to small businesses (2020)?

[19:00] What are merchant cash advances?


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