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Jason Hartman shares a sigh of relief; no matter who wins the presidential election, there is always a strategy in real estate, the most favorable asset-class in the world. Adam joins the show for a short, jovial debate on election fraud and the election. But Jason and Adam offer you a break from politics to discuss many concerns of a housing bubble and how this could be misinterpreted. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Before we talk about investment property, let's discuss the 2020 election update. 

[4:10] What do you think about voter fraud as a possibility? 

[12:30] Is there a possible housing bubble?

[14:20] 75% of the Case-Shiller Index is based on cyclical markets, a gross misrepresentation of the complex US housing markets. 

[19:45] Are we just a bunch of PermaBulls?

[22:00] Market timing is a fool's game. 


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