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Jason Hartman talks with Stanford University, Professor of Economics, Dr. Nicholas Bloom. Bloom and Hartman discuss the significant economic changes in the US economy as well as social changes. How has the work from home trend grown through pandemic times, and are employees more productive in this environment? Will this work from home trend continue to give people reason to leave exhaustingly expensive homes in the city?

Key Takeaways:

[2:25] Working from home has absolutely exploded, from 5% to 60% at the peak of the pandemic. 

[3:10] Geography is less meaningful than ever in US history. 

[6:10] San Francisco has a sort of rental apocalypse due to the pandemic. 

[8:50] Working from home has already been on an upward trend. 

[16:00] The best way to fix the economy is to eliminate the virus. 

[18:30] Big tech never set out to censor what’s online.

[23:00] Are people more or less productive working from home?

[25:15] Are we to expect inflation due to all of the money printing?


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