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When a libertarian is saying it may be time for Universal Basic Income (UBI), does that mean it's come mainstream?

Mike Munger, Professor at Duke University and author of the new book Platforms: The Perils and Promise, joins Jason Hartman to discuss the potential of a $15 minimum wage, and what that would do to the economy vs what a UBI could do. The two also discuss asset prices, monopolies, and what HAS to be fixed with our current version of capitalism.

Key Takeaways:

[2:47] What is the 3rd revolution

[8:17] Why Mike is in favor of Universal Basic Income

[12:48] How do you find the ideal amount of UBI?

[17:19] Asset prices cause inequality

[19:21] Is it time to reexamine what we call antitrust?

[24:10] Capitalism is becoming cronyism in the USA. Is that sustainable?


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