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Could new legislation be the end of the self-directed IRA? Jason Hartman is joined by tax attorney John Hyre to discuss new legislation that could impact your self directed IRA or 401K.

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Key Takeaways:

0:52 Welcome John Hyre, tax attorney and self-directed IRA and 401K expert

1:35 New legislation is basically the destruction of the self-directed IRA

3:25 The legislation contains three major parts with the following consequences

6:43 John was one of the first to sound the alarm on his website

9:55 A government that is broke becomes predatory on its citizens

10:45 They're trying to force you off of Main Street into Wall Street

12:50 If this legislation passes, what should we do? What does this mean for your IRA or 401K?

17:36 Let's break down what Peter Thiel did with his Facebook stock

19:49 People with IRAs that wanted to invest in syndications are sitting on the money and waiting to see what will happen because they don't want to be forced out in two years

20:25 I don't think the people who wrote legislation live in the real world or understand just how dependent a lot of businesses are on IRA money

22:23 What are some tips that you want to share with our viewers?

26:39 Corporations are becoming more of an arbitrage opportunity, especially for a rental management company

27:21 Try this technique with Airbnb

28:09 How does someone use a C-Corp, as opposed to an S-Corp, or an LLC treated under Subchapter S, considering that the corporation is taxed at the corporate level

35:16 There is a provision that if you have an S-Corp that's old, roughly 1997 or older, you're allowed to convert it to an LLC tax free


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