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Jason Hartman welcomes bitcoin expert and author of "Bitcoin Clarity," Kiara Bickers.

There's a lot of noise in the crypto space involving all kinds of buzzwords and Kiara's work helps us take a step back and obtain a true understanding of all the properties of the system without having to learn how to code or be a cryptographer. Her book aims to help us understand Bitcoin at its lowest level of actual data and remove all the mysticism. Jason and Kiara also discuss the privacy implications of a digital cash, central bank digital currencies, alt coins and decentralized finance.

Check out Kiara's book "Bitcoin Clarity," and find her at

Key Takeaways:

0:28 Welcome Bitcoin expert Kiara Bickers, author of "Bitcoin Clarity"

2:10 What is a Cypherpunk?

3:50 Kiara's motivation to write "Bitcoin Clarity"

5:23 Satoshi and decentralization

7:30 Understanding the cryptocurrency system

8:18 Bitcoin and government regulation

11:03 Crypto friendly countries and central bank digital currencies

12:44 Going beyond crypto buzzwords

16:21 Valuing alt coins

18:38 Proof of work and bitcoin mining

22:14 Ethereum and proof of stake

23:09 Proof of storage and scarcity

25:32 Understanding the technical details as an investor in the Bitcoin space

26:52 Fixing our corrupt monetary system with decentralized finance

28:37 Evaluating Bitcoin



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