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Michael Zuber of One Rental At A Time interviews Jason about the Federal Reserve, its chairmen, past and present and offers a few predictions on how the Fed will be dealing with inflation and interest rates. Michael also asks Jason to comment on 3 potential things that could happen in our economy, given the "plandemic" and its consequences.

Key Takeaways:

1:49 Jerome Powell may be turning into Paul Volcker and the ramifications on the market

4:15 An economic malaise, taking away the punch bowl and reloading the metaphoric gun

5:55 Redeeming the "transitory" legacy of a non-automaton

6:53 The "Fed Put", saber-rattling and deciphering Greenspan

8:57 Ben Bernanke and the taming of inflation, mortgage rates versus house price, Hartman Comparison Index

12:01 Back pedaling, supply shortages and allocating human resources

14:02 Closing thoughts, Misery Index, Philipps Curve



"The price of money is of major significance" - Jason Hartman



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