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Jason Hartman welcomes back Harry Dent, New York Times Bestselling author, financial writer and one of the most outspoken financial editors in America, to discuss his new book ZERO HOUR and hear his thoughts on the stock market, crypto, demographics and the current economic climate.

We have the most perverted economy in history with money being injected into the financial markets creating a bubble in stocks and financial assets which favors the rich and leaves ordinary people behind and exacerbates income inequality. Are we at the peak of this artificial stock bubble? Harry Dent answers this and much more and goes into detail about why we NEED recessions!

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome Harry Dent, bestselling author and financial writer

2:11 Most perverted economy in history

3:54 Is the artificial stock bubble peaking?

5:13 Greatest debt bubble in history

7:51 Imminent stock market crash

10:22 Harry's take on cryptocurrencies

13:18 Generational demographics and government policies

18:39 Why we need recessions

21:33 When is the next crash?

22:05 Once in a lifetime peak of a major stock market bubble

24:18 S&P 500 about to fall apart

27:25 Is gold a safe haven? What about bonds? Real estate?

27:57 Peter Schiff and deflation

33:59 $540 trillion in financial assets globally

37:47 The Cantillon Effect - the rich are getting richer

39:04 Most critical time in your lifetime for financial markets

40:30 Learn more at

41:32 Real estate bubble?



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