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​​Jason Hartman welcomes Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading. We are at the end of this current monetary experiment! Central banks are out of tools and out of time. Are we headed into a hyperinflationary depression? The system is already shifting and will have to be reset - we just need a big enough crisis to get everybody on board…

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Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading

1:48 Valuing Gold and crypto

4:01 Moving property and equity into the digital universe

5:03 What do you think the real rate of inflation is?

7:31 Inflation is a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich

9:48 Democracies such as Canada have gotten heavy handed

11:00 Modern monetary theory and central bank digital currencies

13:16 The Federal Reserve is out of tools

15:53  Purchasing power chart of the consumer dollar

17:37 Nixon closed the gold window on August 15 of 1971 and in that same era, he took a historic trip to China

19:42 Correlation between recessions and interest rates

22:29 Will the Fed continue to raise interest rates?

24:53 Nothing left for the Fed to do: the end is near

26:40 Is the reserve currency coming to an end?

28:58 A big strong middle class is what makes a country stable

30:51 Is gold insurance or an investment?

32:29 The number one product of any government and any central bank is its currency

33:36 Gold coins vs gold bullion

38:32 Learn more at ITM



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