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On this episode, Jason brings on Steven Thomas Founder of to give his feedback on the current state of the market and how it will affect things moving forward.

Utilizing his Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences background coupled with his years of experience in the real estate field as a REALTOR®, broker, and executive of a multi-office real estate franchise, Steven Thomas delivers a report that captures the true essence of the current real estate market.

Most economic housing reports analyze and discuss closed sales data, a look at the market through the rearview mirror. Closed sales are a reflection of pending sales that are put together 30 to 60-days prior to the closing. Reports on Housing’s report is a close look at supply and demand, the current listing inventory, current pending sale activity, and the expected market time for homes placed onto the market today. It is more of a current real estate market dashboard than a look in the rearview mirror.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Who is Steven Thomas?

1:00 Why are people hesitating to let go of their properties?

3:20 Have we ever been in a market like we have today?

4:20 How long will the impact of inflation affect the market?

9:30 Will mobile mortgages be implemented soon?

10:40 What will the CPI be like in the coming years?

13:40 How is inflation affecting society today?

16:00 Why is the model for supply and demand broken?

18:03 What markets are seeing inventory catching up to pre-COVID levels?

19:18 What will happen to wages in this high-inflation economy?

20:40 What should we be expecting to happen in the market?

22:20 What makes the current condition of the market different?

23:30 Why should people focus more on rental properties?

30:50 How can you reach out to Steven?





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