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Jason Hartman welcomes Sachin Khajuria, investor and author of the newly released book Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win for a fascinating discussion on private equity investing. Private equity was once an investment niche, but  many of its leading firms today control an amount of wealth that surpasses the GDP of some nations!

You hear a lot of people accusing private equity of underperforming or not creating any value. There is plenty of criticism against this sort of investment, but Sachin would disagree and in his book, he teaches you to identify the best opportunities which do very well. Sachin explores the future of private equity investing, how it has evolved and what can be done to make it more accessible.

Key Takeaways:

0:30 Welcome Sachin Khajuria, investor and author of Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win

1:45 Sachin’s macroeconomic outlook

3:09 Where continuous money printing has led us

4:08 It was a forced recession

4:57 Zombie companies of the S&P 500

6:30 The Russia Ukraine war continues to disrupt

7:12 Where to invest now?

8:22 Investing in private equity deals

9:40 You are probably already a customer of private equity

11:29 Private equity is highly active investing

13:06 Venture capital typically deals more with startups

13:58 Private equity aims to improve existing assets

15:40 Private equity has evolved into new spaces

16:11 Sachin’s book: Two and Twenty: How the Masters of Private Equity Always Win

19:53 Can regular middle class people invest in these deals?

21:19 Is my money safe? How stable are private equity firms?

23:01 Access to these investments will come with regulation and education



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