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Greetings still from Ecuador, which is on an elevation of 12,000 feet! Today Jason talks about another bank run and how this puts massive inflationary pressure on the entire economic system. He also talks about how new home sales proves Wall Street was wrong- saying low housing inventory is “fake news” and even how the MLS’ Active listings since 1982 chart confirms this!

And Jason interviews Adam LeBor, author of the book “Tower of Basel.” Adam takes us on a journey to uncover the history of the Bank for International Settlements, also known as the Tower of Basel. He explores the power and influence of this mysterious institution, which is said to be the central bank of the world’s central banks. Through interviews with experts and a deep dive into historical events, Adam gives us insight into the inner workings of the bank, its role in the global financial system, the complexities of the international banking system and the forces that shape it.



Key Takeaways:

Jason’s editorial

1:28 Greetings from an elevation of 12,000 feet!

2:22 Another bank run! and the massive inflationary pressure in the system

4:33 New home sales proving Wall Street was wrong

6:16 MLS Chart: Active listings since 1982

7:48 Demographics Exhibit 1: US population by age

9:11 Inflation Induced Debt Destruction and the 100% FREE financing opportunities

12:52 Using the Land To Improvement (LTI) ratio, Income property will keep on going strong

15:00 Keep listening to our Flashback Friday episodes and a few announcements

Adam LeBor’s interview

16:33 Welcome Adam LeBor

17:25 Distinguishing between the 3 big entities

18:34 Do all bankers participate

19:38 The shadowy history of this secret bank

21:35 The necessity of it’s existence

23:51 Coordinating between central banks

25:52 Flooding the market with cheap money and the psychological effects on society

28:47 Strange History- Hitler’s American Banker

31:49 “Money finds a way.”

33:16 The 30 year rule and their YouTube channel

34:48 The connection between the BIS and the euro

37:04 The European Union and the Euro



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