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In this episode, Jason discusses the concept of hybrid self-management for rental properties. He shares his recent experiences with property management issues and emphasizes the benefits of taking control of property management. He highlights the time and cost savings of self-management, improved tenant screening, and reduced repair bill markups. He encourages listeners to consider hybrid self-management as a viable alternative to traditional property management and suggests joining his empowered investor pro program for guidance and support.

He also discusses the scarcity of affordable housing in certain markets and the opportunities it presents for landlords. He mentions specific metropolitan areas with a shortage of homes priced below $260,000, such as El Paso, Texas, Boise City, Idaho, Spokane, Washington, Cape Coral and Lakeland, Florida. These markets offer potential for rental property investments as many individuals cannot afford to buy homes. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the three dimensions of real estate and recommends visiting his website for further information. He also touches on population collapse, mortgage rates, and the Real Home Price Index.

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Key takeaways:

1:31 Hybrid Self-Management

8:19 Housing affordability crisis

11:04 Median income earners can only afford 25% of current listings

21:13 Top 5 metropolitan areas with the largest supply shortage of homes

24:53 April 2023 Real House Price Index Highlights

30:40 The complete solution for real estate investors

31:39 US SFR Total Inventory- July 2023

33:30 Creating Wealth Virtual Event- July 21 and 22



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