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Today Jason's finishes his interview with the FED GUY, Joseph Wang as he gives you a peek into some of the inner workings of the Federal Reserve. You can also purchase his book Central Banking 101 HERE. Please note that the views in this book do not necessarily reflect those of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System.

And check out We are going to where the FEDERAL RESERVE was created- in Jekyll Island, Georgia; and you are invited!

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:18 New Year's resolutions and a cruise vacation

4:19 Apartment rent to keep slowing this year

5:37 Chart: National single-family rent index

6:00 Chart: Home price appreciation by tier

10:19 Chart: Year Over Year Active Inventory Markets

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Joseph Wang interview

13:22 Welcome back the Fed Guy Joseph Wang

14:16 The Fed, commercial banks and the Treasury- how they work together

15:47 When converting treasuries to cash fails

17:48 To END the Fed or not? The Fed as a product of the market forces

18:35 Central Bank Digital Currencies and social credit scores; the FED going beyond their mandate

20:56 Shadow Banking: The Primary Dealer- becoming part of the apparatus that implements monetary policy

22:48 The biggest change happening right now

26:49 The most fundamental change in how the economy is working

28:38 High inflation and high rates at the same time, what gives? 

30:00 Is it bad for capital or good for labor; wages versus inflation

32:50 Automation: labor shortage possible solution and the issues that come with it



"If the recession is due to supply constraints then cutting rates doesn't actually fix anything." - Joseph Wang

"The primary dealers are basically the only people the FED is willing to trade with. So they become part of the apparatus that implements monetary policy." - Joseph Wang



Central Banking 101



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