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Jason talks about the resilient real estate market as the cost of money decreases and housing affordability improves. With mortgage rates dropping and the promise of increased affordability by the Fed, he anticipates significant price increases in the low-inventory market. Highlighting the 700,000-home deficit compared to normal inventory, Jason emphasizes the simple supply and demand dynamics driving potential price surges.

He also urges viewers to consider the upcoming cruise for a unique learning and networking experience. Overall, the episode provides insights into the current real estate landscape, emphasizing the market's strength and predicting positive trends.

Then Jason interviews Alex J. Pollock from the Mises Institute. The discussion revolves around the unpredictability of financial markets, particularly in contrast to more deterministic fields like astronomy. Pollock argues that economic and financial forecasts, even by prominent figures like central bankers, often prove inaccurate due to the interactive and recursive nature of human ideas, intents, and strategies within these systems. The conversation delves into the challenges of predicting economic and financial futures and emphasizes the significance of relying on self-corrective market properties rather than central authorities.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

2:04 Total inventory for sale- how the year ended

6:06 Join the cruise

7:25 US SFR Total Available Inventory- Weekly, by Year

Alex J. Pollock's interview

11:02 "Not like reality and math"

14:35 Applying these principles to the housing market

17:04 Housing prices and the International Union for Housing Finance

19:18 Talking bubbles

21:33 Giant inventory housing shortage

24:58 Entry level housing or the New home market

28:12 The great asset and liability



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