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Today Jason talks about “shadow demand” in the housing market. He emphasizes the impact of demographics, particularly the 25 to 34 age group, where about 16% are still living at home, representing untapped demand. With 11 million potential homebuyers in this category, Jason explores the dynamics of supply and demand, debunking predictions of a looming shadow supply. He also touches on factors like low inventory, the influence of baby boomers staying in their homes, and potential wildcards like geopolitical risks affecting the housing market’s trajectory.

Then Jason and Bridger finish their conversation as they delve into the housing market, the economy, and financial trends, noting that millennials and Gen Z are gradually entering it, causing a housing inventory shortage. Despite rising interest rates, the market still faces low inventory levels. The conversation shifts to the potential impact on banks due to an inverted yield curve, bond values, and the housing market’s reliance on new construction. They also explore the possibility of a banking crisis and discuss the Fed’s role in managing interest rates. Jason concludes with insights on the strength of the U.S. dollar, the perceived threat of BRICS nations, and the inevitability of central bank digital currencies, raising concerns about financial freedom.

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