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Jason welcomes Stephen M.R. Covey as they discuss his book "The Speed of Trust." In business, cultivating trust is key for successful deals and relationships. The principle of "win-win or no deal" emphasizes fair collaboration, where both parties benefit. Trust fosters enduring relationships, enabling faster, more efficient cooperation. Smart trust involves assessing situations, clarifying expectations, and ensuring accountability. While contracts are necessary, they can't substitute genuine trust. Transparent, open, and fair dealings build reputations that lead to repeat and referral business. Long-term success lies in creating a high-trust culture, where mutual respect and consideration drive not just transactions, but positive, enduring partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

1:24 Welcome, Stephen

2:33 What is trust?

3:57 A tall order- developing trust

7:03 Smart trusting- giving trust without being a 'doormat'

10:07 Trust- AND verify

12:10 Trust in Fortune 1,000 companies

14:46  High trust dividends

19:44 My cynical views and a perpetual downward cycle

24:42 Solutions in building trust



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