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Jason also welcomes Mike Simonsen of Altos Research as they discuss the factors that keep people from selling their homes and how federal and tax policies contribute to the shortage in housing inventory! Moreover, these factors create more upward pressure on rents!

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Key Takeaways:

0:28 Introducing Mike Simonsen of Altos Research

1:20 Mike’s macro view and insights on the current housing market

4:20 There will be sellers who won’t be selling above the 5.5% mortgage rate

6:00 Factors that keep a lid on inventory for a long time- including fed and tax policies 

10:20 Creating more upward pressure on rents

12:00 Total inventory home for sale – US Single Family

14:15 What is the chart not telling us?

17:32 Buyers have stopped buying especially at the 5% threshold

20:06 Median homes list prices – US Single Family

22:00 Where these pricing data come from and the median price on new listings

23:37 Possibility of larger homes not coming into the market in this time of the year

25:30 Weekly inventory change – US Single Family homes

31:00 Standard of living will give in; people will go down the socio-economic ladder

34:14 San Francisco Inventory: Weekly Single Family

35:09 Percent of homes taking price reductions, single family homes US national

37:48 Application for sellers and buyers; going ahead of the curve in your local market

41:09 Where do we go from here?



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