Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman starts the episode off with his in-house economist Thomas and the two discuss various parts of a mortgage payment and how each interacts with the other. They also compare whether a 15 or 30 year mortgage makes sense in an inflation or deflationary environment.

Then Jason speaks with a new LMS who is offering properties in the central PA area, including York. The LMS explains what markets are supporting the local economy, general tenant profiles, rehab practices and property types that are available.

Key Takeaways:

[2:01] What makes up a mortgage payment?

[5:39] Even with a slightly higher interest rate, Jason believes the 30 year fixed rate still beats the 15 year.

Market Profile:

[7:18] Why is South Central, PA a good place to invest?

[10:08] The target tenant for the market and what employers are supporting the economy

[14:30] How transportation fuels the network of the area

[16:18] The target property and renovations done

[21:00] The rehab process

[29:56] Looking for the catch in the market, whether it be Section 8, insurance or property taxes


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