Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman and real estate attorney Bob start today's show discussing the importance of taxes and how they can seriously impact your real estate investing journey throughout your life. They also discuss what makes a good investor and the direction of law when it comes to real estate.

Then Jason talks with Steve Glickman, Senior Economic Advisor to President Barack Obama and chief architect of the Opportunity Zone project, about how the Opportunity Zone system works, the definition of an Opportunity Zone and what benefits the program provides for real estate investors.

Key Takeaways:

[4:33] The multiplier effect of moving to a place where your money is treated better

[9:37] Jason's prediction for the next thing landlords will be held accountable for under the law

[15:50] What good, talented lawyers for commercial properties always do

[19:18] Good investors act, but only because the deal is good, not because they have the money

[23:27] Taxes are like reverse amortization

[26:02] High taxes encourage bad investments

Steve Glickman Interview:

[28:14] There are now 8.766 Opportunity Zones across the US

[32:31] There are about 300 Opportunity Zone funds targeting $65 billion and have raised about 15% so far. How big is this expected to get?

[35:28] The 2 big factors in why zone based programs become unsuccessful

[37:16] What is the Opportunity Zone program?

[40:23] Will Opportunity Zones exacerbate gentrification?


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