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Jason Hartman takes a deep, deep dive into Napoleon Hill's work in today's show. We first start off dissecting the ideas that Napoleon brought out in his work Think & Grow Rich. Jason looks at various aspects of the book and how we can use them in our lives today and what power they have when used properly.

Then Jason talks with Sharon Lechter, former CEO of Rich Dad & Pay Yourself First and author of Success & Something Greater: Your Magic Key, about her experiences with both the Rich Dad company and the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Sharon provides unique insights into the impact both organizations have had on society today, as well as what she has discovered success means for various people.

Key Takeaways:

[5:55] There's a lot more fulfillment in life available if we are not completely attached to the outcome

[10:22] Specialized knowledge has long been a must for true success

[14:49] The power of the mastermind is real and incredible

Sharon Lechter Interview:

[20:45] Napoleon Hill one of the original self-help authors?

[25:00] The different types of success Sharon saw while writing her latest book

[27:21] Why the man who sold the patent for the jet ski for $75,000 doesn't regret it


Success and Something Greater: Your Magic Key

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