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Home is the center of the universe, beware of the elevator, the mosquito, and the handshake. Coronavirus is reshaping parts of the world and Jason has some insight to share along these lines. While bailouts are to come, and stocks are a rollercoaster, Real Estate Investment carries on, looking good. 

Commandment #22 will look better and better as people choose to live with a bit more distance, be that social or residential.  

Jason shares a personal experience with an inflation timeline based on a BMW purchase. This leads to the reiteration of understanding hedonic pricing. Evan talks about the counterintuitive advantage of a high loan balance.

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Restocking fees along with returning 

[4:15] Thou shalt invest in low-density environments - Commandment #22

[9:00] When this flattens out (Coronavirus)

[13:15] The return of the ‘Return Policy’ for Real Estate

[17:45] The best insurance is a high loan balance

[22:12] 74% inflation since 1994 based on the price of a BMW

[36:50] hedonic indexing describes how product price could be explained by the product's characteristics, E.G. the pleasure you receive from a product



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