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Industries are changing, money is moving around, and we want to help you capture as much of it as possible in this time of change. Today, Jason Hartman brings you statistics about the "Work From Home" Google Searches that have recently skyrocketed. As well, what other aspects of life are changing due to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Are there similarities between Ebola and Coronavirus? Our 10th Episode Feature from The Holistic Survival Show is an archived interview with guest Dr. Lee Hieb. Jason Hartman invites Libertarian Candidate, Dr. Lee Hieb, to give her professional opinion on Ebola. Together, they discuss some of the potential solutions to alleviating the situation, as well as considering what could have been done better at the point of an outbreak. Hieb also talks about changing attitudes to her party and why these are so important. 

Key Takeaways

[2:30] Message from a listener: Jeremy

[4:30] “Work From Home” google queries have skyrocketed

[13:00] The parallels of ebola and coronavirus as a prelude to our Holistic Survival interview 

[17:30] Jason Hartman asks the question everyone is thinking: Ebola – real threat or just a lot of hype?

[18:19] If we’re going to stop the spread of Ebola, we have to stop the movement of people.

[21:42] We have found some treatment options for Ebola, but if we reach a level where we have thousands of victims, it’s just not feasible.

[23:19] Increasing your vitamin D levels can go a long way to increase your overall health, with studies linking it to lower cancer risks.

[30:28] Don’t be fooled into thinking Ebola spreads like HIV – it is far more easily spread and there’s a lot we still don’t know about it.

[37:00] Now there are some fears about if we use the military and impose martial law as an excuse to ‘fix’ other issues.

[41:02] Hospitals in the US simply don’t have the training or the equipment to be able to deal with this disease.

[42:52] Members of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons believe that medicine is between a doctor and a patient, not a doctor, patient and a government bureaucrat.

[45:25] The Libertarian Party and its values are starting to be better understood by the American people.



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