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In preparation for our show this weekend, Jason brings up the potentially forgivable loans from the SBA. Also, Jason discusses inflationary forces due to Trump's initiative for de-globalization. 

In part II, Dr. Kaeberlein, professor of pathology, talks about the disadvantages of the elderly when it comes to vaccines. Dr. Kaeberlein elaborates on why this is connected to Coronavirus vaccines. Find out more about anti-aging and the Dog Aging Project.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:30] The SBA is giving out potentially forgivable loans

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[9:20] De-globalization will lead to many inflationary forces

[13:20] Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, Coronavirus and Age, and why those two are connected in such an important way

[17:50] Can we overcome the disadvantage of the elderly when it comes to vaccines and susceptibility to viruses? 

[21:20] What therapies are you (Kaeberlein) working on to combat the age-related diseases? 

[23:40] “The goal is to try to identify either drugs or lifestyle interventions that have an impact on these molecular hallmarks of aging in the direction that we want them to go” - Dr. Kaeberlein

[26:20] We probably have interventions now that could have a significant impact on health and longevity in people

[29:20] Until we consider biological age in our approach to these diseases, we’re going to continue to fail

[30:20] What’s the dog aging project? 

[31:25] Does rapamycin slow aging?


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