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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode, 56 Originally Published June 2, 2008

Jason sits in the hot seat on The Al Rantel Show on KABC LA to talk about the current state of economic affairs, and then responds to listener questions. Hartman discusses inflation and the upcoming 2008 recession the very month that the U.S. recession is declared.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:30] “You can’t keep printing money and have the value of a dollar stay the same” -Hartman

[7:30] “Liar loans,” homes that people could obviously not afford

[10:00] Are we in a recession? Learn more about how the U.S. is declared to be in a recession by the NBER from Recession of Depression

[15:00] Understanding the diversity of real estate markets across the U.S.

[16:45] Buy a set of commodities with as much debt as you can

[20:00] Putting equity into a property is never a good deal


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