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Happy Easter! More so than ever, the home is the center of the universe. Jason continues his pandemic investing discussion with Casey Weade about investment principles that work in hard times or easy times. If it makes sense the day you buy it, and the property is for essential living, you’re off to a good start. But before that, Jason shares a message from the client, Aaron about forbearance in these pandemic times. What do we know? What has changed? And will the fed rates continue to drop?

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Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Happy Easter!

[6:20] Client Aaron, mortgage update, understanding forbearance in these times, what do we know?

[14:00] Will fed rates continue going down?

[20:00] Tech companies can’t make money?

[25:30] The home is the center of the universe

[30:00] Travel will change, and rentals will follow

[33:30] Vacationing is optional, so in tougher times, short-term rentals may suffer

[37:00] A good RV ratio, 1%, is worth its weight


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